Cloud Spatial - an ArcGIS Server Alternative

Use ESRI tools and APIs without the high cost of ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server

About CloudSpatial - Beta

In 2010 ESRI open sourced their communication protocol by publishing the Geoservices REST Specification. The Cloud Spatial Server implements this protocol so that customers can replace costly ArcGIS Server infrastructure or ArcGIS Online subscriptions without replacing apps developed with the ESRI iOS, Android and Javascript API libraries. Cloud Spatial Server will even work with ArcGIS Desktop, ArcMap and ArcCatalog!

Cloud Deployment 

Stop managing virtual machines! With Cloud Spatial you can deploy to Azure websites and scale easily without worrying about infrastructure. We will also support Docker container deployments soon.

Lower Cost

We have not settled on a pricing model just yet. However it will be much less expensive than ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online. Early adopters that leave a testimonial will receive lifetime discounts.

Just the Features You Need

We don't support Geoprocessing tasks with Python but our guess is you don't need it or can use ArcGIS desktop. Checkout out all the features we do support in the sidebar or download the CloudSpatial ArcGIS Server Comparison.

Get Started:
1. Download the Installer 
2. Watch the Install Screencast
3. Add layers with a shape file and create renderers
4. Add layers from a database, use raster tiles and edit layers